Exhibitor Technology Forum

The Exhibitor Technology Forum will be held in the Exhibition Hall.
Exhibitors will make presentations in a seminar format, and all attendees to the exhibition can attend.

Venue: Exhibition Hall
Fee: Free

*To attend the Forum, attendees must register for the Exhibition.

*Topics and presenter names are subject to change

*The information of the attendees of the Exhibitor Technology Forum may be read via the barcoded name badge.
There may also be a possibility that attendees will receive information from the presenters of the Forum.


Presentations to be made in English are as follows:
*For a full list of presentations, please refer to the Japanese page (information in Japanese only).

May 15 (Wed.)
Time Company Title Room
12:55-13:25 DSM Nutrition Japan K.K. 「Regu ®-Fade」- Nature identical substance Resveratrol D
14:55-15:25 ISP (Japan) Ltd. Dermatopontin plays an essential role in secretion and organization of dermal extracellular matrix in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo studies B
May 16 (Thur.)
Time Company Title Room
11:35-12:05 LIPOTEC Increase cell longevity by correcting genomic errors D
15:35-16:05 Inolex Chemical Company Inolex-Maximizing Performance with Multifunctional Ingredients B
May 17 (Fri.)
Time Company Title Room
10:15-10:45 ISP (Japan) Ltd. Adult Stem Cells in the skin and the benefit of maintaining the Stemness Potential B
10:55-11:25 DSM Nutrition Japan K.K. ELHIBIN PF retains youthful skin elasticity  C



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