Shigeru Sekine
Federation of Japanese
Cosmetic Ingredients

Thank you very much for your understanding and support of the activities of the Federation of Japanese Cosmetic Ingredients Associations.
The Cosmetic Ingredients and Technology Exhibition Japan (CITE Japan), is now being held for the 7th time as the largest biennial event organized by our Federation, and the name CITE Japan has become well established. CITE Japan has grown larger each time as a venue for exhibitions and technical announcements on the diverse ingredients, technologies and services related to cosmetics, and for meetings between exhibitors who are mostly suppliers and cosmetics manufacturers and other users. As demonstrated by the steady increase in the number of exhibitors and participants from overseas, CITE Japan has gained recognition as a global exhibition.
Under the theme "Next Step for Cosmetic Ingredients & Technology," CITE Japan 2015 is an ideal opportunity, where all the industries related to cosmetics gather at one location, for announcing the cutting-edge ingredients and technologies of Japan's cosmetic industries to the world. Thank you very much for your dynamic activities, exhibition, and participation in CITE Japan 2015.

Youichi Shimatani
The Society of Cosmetic
Chemists of Japan (SCCJ)

Thank you very much for your warm support and cooperation for this opening of the 7th Cosmetic Ingredients and Technology Exhibition Japan (CITE Japan 2015).
CITE Japan is a unique exhibition planned and administered together by the exhibitors who are suppliers and the cosmetics manufacturers who are users, and it has been growing year by year. With a large number of participants, CITE Japan is becoming established as a venue where the ingredients, technologies and services valuable for cosmetics development assemble at one place, and as the premier occasion for collecting information to advance cosmetics development.
The cosmetics industry is facing a wave of globalization and CITE Japan 2015 will include global contents. I expect it will prove useful in day-to-day work as a point of deeper and broader contact between suppliers and users.
As the co-organizer of this exhibition, the Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan (SCCJ) is also actively working for the development of the Japanese cosmetics industry. We hope that large numbers of companies and people will exhibit and participate in CITE Japan to pioneer the future of the cosmetics industry and lead to its further development.

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